Sunday, January 15, 2012

Star Quality

Turn me on

But I won't start

Fill me up

But I'm empty

Charge my motors

But they don't run

I'm a car

You expected a touch of reliability

But in the end I failed you

What's new lady?

Wind my gears

But I don't run

Pull my string

I don't talk

Put batteries in me

But I don't turn on

I'm a toy

You expected a touch of fun and hilarity

But in the end I let you down

What's new kid?

Put your faith in me

But things end in misery

Show me compassion

I give you anger in return

Give me the resources I need

But I do nothing with them

I'm a man

You expected a touch of star quality

But in the end I didn't meet you half way

What's new friend?

The car rusts

The toy abandoned

And as for the man, he's alone in the world

What's new?

The car sits

The toy rots

The man...feels the need to change.

What's new world?

I'm new. And I want to change

Let's not hold back now

Trust me once more

Put your faith in me

I want to give you progress

Show me compassion

I want to care for you in return

Give me the resources I need

I'll show the world how great I am

I'm a changed man

You should know what to expect in me

I'm hungry for success

I want the world to see what I can do

I want to do great things

That touch of star quality

Is now burning inside me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Ode to the Forgotten

To those lost in time
I write to you
In this small finite passage
To try and bring back your memories

What stories you might unfold
If memory would ever serve me
But the minds was never meant to server, only aid
Nonetheless this composition will try and remember you

The nameless
the heroes who vanish from the world
The specters of ancient worlds
Silent plotters in the middle of the fray
Humble servants in the shadows
Deciders of imperative worth, lost in the mist

You all have shaped things in your own way
So why has the providence of history forsaken you?
Or has history drunk well from the waters of Lethe?

Are we all affected by a lack of cognition
Inhibiting our memories and erasing people from this world
Should we be put on trial
For killing off so many lives?
For those we forget, cease to exist

So is my mission futile?
To remember non-existing persons?
For how can one know or remember something that never existed in the first place
Let alone put people on trial for genocide of non-existent histories

Despite this paradox
Albeit this conundrum
You, the forgotten
phantasms of a historical kind
Will be remembered forever
Kept eternal always
By these ravings
By this cantankerous philosophy
Never to die again
Unless this poetic piece too
joins your ranks in the void of time...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Death of the Grotesque

It is in times of despair
that we wish for happiness
It is in times of poverty
that we are desperate for fortune

When one's personality goes sour
We turn to those who are sweet
When the world goes to war
We seek peace

In times of loneliness
We devour attention
When in the presence of the naive
We turn to the mature

In the depths of the darkest evil
We seek the purity of light
When people seek to hurt
We go to the ones who nurture

And when we see a sight
unworthy of our eyes
We go to the beautiful

Whether you find one of these grotesque or many
We all wish for them to vanish completely from our site
Never return to our delicate memories
We wish them to a metaphorical sense

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Precious Love

I write to you
Dearly beloved
I write to comfort
all the pain that I am feeling
I wish you could hold me tight
And banish the fear and darkness in my heart

So far away you are from me,
Yet I hold you so close in my dreams
Do not leave me, for I have finally
found you, and you have found me
The thought of losing you again is intolerable,
I would be so bold as to say that it is even taboo
Judging from the many trials we have gone through in years past

Do not lose sight,
of what wondrous riches you have in your possession
I am more precious than any priceless antique, you know this
And you hold so much value in my heart.
If my love could be counted as currency I would have an unlimited store of riches

You hold so much of me...

I would break into a million tiny fragments were you ever to let go and allow me to plummet to the cold floor of isolation

But don't keep me as a trophy on the wall just collecting dust because you can't muster the courage to shatter one so
Don't be afraid, because my heart will be reborn from the many shards scattered across the frozen wasteland
Keep me forever and hold me close because you want to feel the warmth of my heart, because you want to hear my sweet voice, because you desire to be mine forever
But most importantly, because you love me with all of your being

So please don't waiver, for if you do I will be lost to the winds and you will never know my love again.
This love you will never find anywhere else,
For it is mine, and mine alone
This love for you is delicate as a rose, and more beautiful than any rare gem found on this planet earth
Leave and you will never know the shining magnificence that my heart contains
I love you, I beg of you, never leave me, but never stay if you can not appreciate my rarest gem and love me back in return.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Change of Heart

To change one's self at will
Can be the greatest of allies
But yet, it is my burden my...curse

So many to chose from
I can be what they want
With only a whim

But are any of them what I want?
Can they be what my heart desires...I wonder
Is there one for me, a foolish changeling of sorts?

I seduce, woo, and gain many a man's trust
Only to be overwhelmed by their quantity
And to be bored of them when one better than they comes along

I carelessly throw my affection this way and that
Caring for this one, making that one swoon, and bringing them all into my filthy clutches
What am I? Nothing but a monster with a thirst for hearts. A lustful desire for love.

Where does my lust start? And where does it end?
Only he can show me that...
The one I was meant to spend the rest of eternity with. My prince, my savior, my hero

So I sit, and wait in my dank and dark cave of misery. Waiting for my love to slay this evil beast that resides within
So that I will no longer hunger for love I can not have...
So that I may drink from his heart, brimming with love.
That sweet nectar, a delicacy even greater than that which has been touched by the lips of gods!
And he will be by my side, forever, and for always. Never once faltering, never once turning away from me, the one that he will love for eternity. Everlasting happiness.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Covered in grease and grime

Strolling down this golden path
paved with the hopes and dreams of all
Goes on for miles, for you see
Hope and dreams are everlasting
And new ones are born each day
Here and there you see some wear and tear
But you don't pay attention to those
For why would something moldy and filled with disgust
ever attract your precious eyes?
But sometimes with a little effort
that mold and grime can be wiped away
And a shining golden brick can be seen
So don't forget the bricks, covered in grease and grime
For they just need some tender care
So that they may have the chance to shine

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I beg of you

into a thousand little pieces
right before your eyes
i've done you wrong
and you don't even know
the sorrow flowing throw my body
the pain I feel in my heart
please forgive my idiocy
forget what I have done
and embrace me with your loving arms once more
I cannot bare to see you this way